Tai Chi...


Harmony, and Flow


Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese martial art, is recognized by its slow, gentle movements.  Also known as moving meditation,  studies have shown the many health benefits.  Increased flexibility and strength, lowered blood pressure, are but a few of the benefits.  

Tai Chi has been studied and shown to have amazing results in Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, Hypertension, COPD, PTSD, Cardiac Disease and Chronic Pain Management.

I have spent the last several years introducing it into the Bleeding Disorders Community. Not only is it the perfect form of exercise.but has shown to have a great impact on our emotional and spiritual well being.  It gently strengthens the body, while increasing flexibility and calming the mind.  I am now expanding my practice into chronic pain management sessions and other chronic conditions

Why is Tai Chi successful?  Because of the slow, gentle movements, it works the entire body, synergistically.  In other words, all muscles are working together, not isolated, like western fitness approaches. The nature of  Tai Chi allows anyone to participate, regardless of age or physical ability.  Research has shown that Tai Chi will improve balance (less falls in seniors),  flexibility and strength, and because of the slow, meditative movements, can also aid in chronic pain, depression and PTSD.  


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